FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How is the security and confidentiality of data at ZeroOne?

We work with a team of righteous and qualified professionals. All of our operations are conducted using strictly safe and reliable systems and procedures. Everything in absolute secrecy. We never ask for private information from our customers.

How much does the specialized usability evaluation cost?

The ZeroOne Usability Evaluation has a fixed and exclusive price of 2000 USD (dollars), simulated in the value of the fiat or cryptocurrency.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We only accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. Once you have transferred it, please, send the TX Hash (transaction hash) together with the original address of your wallet directly to ZeroOne’s email: evaluation@zerooneusability.com Bitcoin Wallet Address: 3GxQkF9FCN8HWZ2kW1NJtp1Q2TP9nCmxgS

Why should I pay to perform the ISO 9241:10 Usability Heuristic Evaluation on my platform?

Because ZeroOne Usability Evaluation is the only one specialized in cryptocurrency exchange platforms and the only one that combines in its original model the heuristic evaluation method and the international ergonomics standard of ISO 9241:10 in order to revolutionize the usability of your platform. The ZeroOne usability evaluation: 1) Avoid the loss of users to the competition due to their disengagement and premature abandonment, by transforming unnecessary, flawed and difficult procedures into easy, efficient and satisfactory ones. 2) Reduces your expenses by up to 7 times and optimizes your organization's resources by implementing efficient strategies to keep current customers instead of just focusing on winning new ones. 3) Increases your organization's performance through proactive and risk-mitigating usability approaches, fixing usability problems with your products before they reach the end user. 4) Promotes your market share and increases profits, by transforming your platform into a total and successful performance system for your users and investors.

How long does it take for me to receive the results of the usability evaluation?

In the premium version, you receive the detailed and complete report of the usability evaluation of your platform in 30 consecutive days, from the confirmation of the transaction on the Blockchain and the receipt of the TX Hash (transaction hash) together with the original address of your wallet directly to ZeroOne’s email: evaluation@zerooneusability.com

Who is ZeroOne?

Zero One Usabilidade is a company specialized in usability engineering that, through heuristic evaluations and based on international ergonomics standards (ISO 9241:10), identifies usability gaps in cryptocurrency platforms and produces specialized reports with indications of solutions for close these gaps in order to revolutionize the usability of platforms, adding social and economic value to the products and services of companies.

Where will I receive the results of the usability evaluation of my platform?

You will receive the evaluation results in your registered email.

How does ZeroOne's usability evaluation work?

We offer two options, a free version and a premium version. Free version: Since ZeroOne is a customer-first company, to help you identify some of the usability gaps in your platform, we have a free Usability Evaluation Tool available for you to conduct a brief usability analysis by yourself. You can view the “Usability Evaluation Tool” on the “Evaluation” page of this website. Premium version: However, to be a platform with BULL usability and to obtain access to a complete and detailed report with the level of compliance of usability of the platform, characterization of needs by task, and descriptions of improvements ready for application, carried out by an evaluator specialized, in a synthesized and visually designed way by means of tables, graphics and prototypes, we offer a premium version. To access the premium version you must: 1) Access the “Evaluation” page of this website. 2) Read the instructions regarding the “ZeroOne Usability Evaluation Tool”. 3) Fill in the requested data after the instructions. 4) Start reading the Evaluation Tool, performing the tasks requested in the tool and answering the questions presented. 5) Click on “Submit Premium Version”, at the end of the page, after completing the Evaluation Tool. Then, our specialists will perform diagnostics based on a specialized and original heuristic evaluation method, based on the ISO 9241:10 standard, to identify critical usability gaps in your platform and, in 30 days, you will get, in your email, access to a complete and detailed report with all the information on opportunities to improve the usability of your platform in a synthesized and visually designed way through tables, graphs and prototypes.